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Draft Report
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The Texans continue on their downfall to the first pick in the 2006 NFL draft.
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The Texans third year in the league has so far been their worst.  Falling to a 1-12 record with only three games remaining on their schedule.  They will contend with the 49ers, the Packers, and the Jets for the first pick in the draft.  Whoever ends up with the first pick will probably end up picking the heisman winner, Reggie Bush.


Every team is looking to pick up Reggie Bush in the 2006 draft.  The only question is, who will be awarded the first draft pick?  The Texans are really hoping that it will be them.  But the question about the Texans draft pick is will they take bush?  Or will they go for a defensive back/ quarterback like Michael Robinson, or an offensive lineman like Max Jean-Gilles    READ MORE HERE



Problems with David Carr continue.  The Texans have not yet decided if they will keep Carr, or will they trade him for a player that they extremely need.  They would most likely trade him for a linebacker or a offensive lineman.  There is also talk about traded him for a few draft pick  
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